Since finishing my PhD…

I came back to Bolivia at the beginning of September 2016. It’s been a mix of feelings, specially my first few months here, in some ways a reverse cultural shock. A bit of adjustment to do. But one of the things I wanted to do more, was to travel in Bolivia, to places I’ve never been and to places I have been but a long time ago. I can proudly say that I did that, I travelled to places in Bolivia at least once a month, for 8 months.

After that, I also I wanted to fulfill a dream and travel to Europe. I bought a ticket in January 2017, for a 2 and a half months trip (from April 26 to July 6) in Europe. I planned my itinerary and did it! I travelled to Europe: 72 days, 9 countries, 37 cities/towns. Beautiful places, beautiful people, so much history, different cultures, art, music, delicious food, beer, family, old and new friends, reunions, laughs, learning! This trip has been an amazing experience and a dream come true. 

Some pictures of these trips in the fun traveling gallery.